Sunday, September 26, 2010

Maybe He Will Stay There

Steven Jones is interested in the possibility of a 9/11 truther conference in Tehran next year.

Conference in Iran in 2011?
He referred to a conference next year in Iran, evidently to include a discussion 9/11. Does anyone know any more about this conference?

Of course one of the troofers immediately calls for him to attend:

I don't know... We'll have to try to find out more..
But we need to get you, Richard Gage and others over there to present the best and strongest evidence and not let it get diverted into false debates over whether some people let it or made it happen etc. Hopefully you guys would be willing and able to go if the opportunity presented itself. Thanks.

I am all for it. I will even help pay for a ticket. One way, of course.

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At 26 September, 2010 08:51, Blogger Triterope said...

At least one guy over there gets it:

By attending a 9/11 conference in Iran, we would indeed be associating with Ahmadinejad's repressive government and any experiments or papers delivered there would be suspect. It's called "guilt by association". We must seek out and cultivate stronger moral and political supporters than this. I continue to be amazed by the gullibility of many posters here in thinking Ahmadinejad's statements will be of some, any, benefit to us.

At 26 September, 2010 12:13, Blogger Unknown said...

That guy is the exception to the rule, because the consensus seems to be, - Okay, Ahmadinejad isn't perfect, but is he that bad? Is he any worse than George Bush?

"Damn, that man is a cool customer"; "Ahmadinejad... is becoming one of the men that humanity needs"; "I would love to have a beer with him...he is way smart, funny, humane."

It's always a win-win. Ahmadinejad agrees with us? He's not as bad as the evil mass media portray him. Hooray!

Jon Stewart mocks us? It shows how dangerous we are becoming. Cass Sunstein's running scared. Another victory.

We fall humiliatingly short of every goal we ever set. It doesn't matter, we'll just change the goalposts. More success.

Meanwhile, in the real world, the whole thing becomes ever more ludicrous. What are they going to do when, in five years, or ten years, the much longed-for whistleblower hasn't emerged, no new evidence has appeared and the chances of any new investigation are as remote as ever?

At 26 September, 2010 14:12, Blogger Triterope said...

"I would love to have a beer with Ahmadinejad"

I don't care who you are, that's funny right there.

At 26 September, 2010 15:58, Blogger Billman said...

Ok, that seals it. If the troofers are that fucking ridiculously and hilariously brain damaged and stupid to start thinking "Wow! Amadinnerjacket agrees with us, he must be the bestest human being EVAR! Id love to have a beer with him!", then how long before they become terrorist sympathyzers the second one of them shows interest for 9/11 truth?

hell, I would help pay for all troofers to move to Iran since they love their ideals so much. Maybe they'll change their mind when one of them gets stoned to death in the street for something ridiculous...

But nah, hate America, and join up with all of it's enemies since they agree with you (not really, its just a political game, Amadinnerjacket does NOT truly believe this shit, and the UN practically walked out on him the other day when he started spouting that shit.) But fuck it. Let the troofers go. They're practically becoming terrorists here.

At 26 September, 2010 17:36, Blogger ConsDemo said...

the UN practically walked out on him the other day when he started spouting that shit

I wish that were true, but in truth only the US, Europeans, Australians and a few others walked out (I'm not sure Canada's rep departed). The rest stayed. I'm not sure the rest of the world agrees with twoofers but they don't condemn them either, its a measure of how deep the hatred is for the US around the world.

On another note, I can see what your typical twoofer would be thrilled to go to Iran. Most are involuntarily celibate and underemployed. They probably think the Revolutionary Guard is going to give them a job slandering the US and 14-year old virgin to boot.

At 26 September, 2010 20:04, Blogger angrysoba said...

They were made for each other. After all, many of them will believe anything that comes out of Press TV, Russia Today etc... I'm surprised that more totalitarian regimes don't start up their own cable channels to spew out conspirasist crap. It would be good propaganda for them.

At 26 September, 2010 20:51, Blogger Michael Lewis said...

Oh oh, here's the real reason Jones wants to go: Few Iranians embraced Mormonism (about 15 altogether) due in part to the daunting problems that Muslim converts to Christianity often faced in Islamic societies: ostracism, unemployment, disinheritance, and even threat of death.

At 27 September, 2010 05:14, Blogger Garry said...

'I would love to have a beer with him...he is way smart, funny, humane'

That just goes to show what utter mongs troofers are. Iran is not the kind of place to be if you want to have a brew:

At 27 September, 2010 05:57, Blogger Billman said...

Well, Cons, I'm not sure how much I agree with that Statement. Stationed in Japan for two years, I met a lot of people from around the world, and the consesus seemed to be they had no problem with Americans at all, and liked us a lot, its just Bush they all hated. Heh. I remember a Russian in particular who I met in a bar and he came up to me and said "Fuck Bush! But, Fuck Putin also!"

I went to China, although it was Hong Kong, and they seemed to love us there too. South Korea, everyone was too busy playing WoW (seriously, that's NOT a cliche).

So, personally, I think it's just governments that don't like each other. But the people themselves, from Austrailia, England, Russia, Korea, China, and the Philippines (and these are just the few places I've been lucky enough to go to and meet people from) seem to like us a lot. At least, they were are cool with me, and I'm about as average american as you get. Just the media would portray everyone as hating us. Nah, I'm sure its just the dopes in charge of their country hating the dopes in charge of ours.

At 27 September, 2010 19:16, Blogger ConsDemo said...

Billman, they always say they "hate the government, not the people." In any case, my experience traveling overseas is the same as yours.

However, when it comes to cooperating against states like Iran and groups like Al Qaeda, the attitude towards the government matters a lot more than the attitude towards the people.

At 27 September, 2010 19:43, Blogger Len said...

Funny that some truthers are so detached from reality they think that their gurus's going to Iran would some how advance their cause.

At 27 September, 2010 21:32, Blogger Alex said...

Cons, Canada's rep didn't depart because he wasn't there in the first place. Everyone knew what he was going to say well before he said it, and the Canadian government decided to boycott it from the get-go.


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