Friday, September 09, 2011

Truther: Cheney's Order Was Shootdown, Which Proves....

Standdown!  Once again we see the unfalsifiable nature of Truther delusions.  Yesterday's tape releases includes at least one recording where military men mention that the Vice President had given authorization to shoot down any aircraft which persists in an attack on a major population center.  But, whether due to confusion or concern that Cheney did not have the power to make that order (militarily, the Vice President is not in the chain of command), the order was apparently countermanded by an air force commander.

Most striking of all is the revelation that an order by Vice President Dick Cheney was ignored by the military, which saw his order to shoot down aircraft as outside the chain of command. Instead of acknowledging the order to shoot down civilian aircraft and carrying it out, NORAD ordered fighters to confirm aircraft tail numbers first and report back for further instructions.

So after years of hearing from David Ray Grifter and other truthers misinterpreting Norm Mineta's testimony to indicate that he overheard a standdown order, we now learn that it was, as rational people have assumed all along, a shoot-down order.  So how does a shoot-down order become a standdown?

It took about 10 years, but the MSM is finally starting to understand that Cheney giving shoot down orders is the same thing as a stand down.

Explained in the comments on this post:

James argued in July 2010 that Bush and Rumsfeld (who together comprise the NCA), knowingly stayed out of the loop leaving it to Cheney to give the shootdown order, after it was too late, all three knowing it wouldn't have the force of authority if it came from Cheney, but it would look like they tried to do their job nonetheless.
One obvious question: If Bush and Rumsfeld "knowingly" stayed out of the loop, why was Cheney's order issued too late?