Monday, September 12, 2011

Press For Truth Boys Threatened With Prosecution

Remember when leaking the name of a CIA agent was considered "treason"?  Jon Gold certainly does, as he used that word as a tag on a post he put over at Flogger on the Valerie Plame incident:

It will be interesting to see if he maintains that position.  The lads responsible for the Truther-lite film Press for Truth have been threatened with prosecution if they release their new radio schlocumentary.

On Thursday, the CIA threatened the journalists behind Who Is Rich Blee? with possible federal prosecution if the investigative podcast is released in its current form.
I can't locate the cite right now, but I recall that in discussions about the "investigative podcast", John Duffy and Ray Nowosielski, the two "journalists" in question, mentioned that they would be revealing the names of two CIA agents who had previously been anonymous.

We are delaying that release while we consult with others and weigh our options.
Let's hope that they get better legal counsel than the clowns who put together the NYC-CAN petition. BTW, remember that whoever furnished the names of the CIA agents to Duffy and his partner are already in deep trouble.

Update: It's nuanced:

Releasing the name of a covert CIA operative in an effort to discredit her and her husband is a lot different than releasing the names of people that should have been held accountable, but weren't. Fail.