Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rockets at the WTC

No, not Judy Wood and not the Web Fairy.  This is David Chandler:

The object (apparently a perimeter wall unit) raced ahead of its neighboring debris, but its acceleration was about 1/3 of gravity. This is an indication that it was kicked downward initially by an explosion, after which the air resistance partially canceled the effect of gravity as it approached terminal velocity. As it fell, however, there was an outburst of white smoke, at which point the projectile changed directions, slightly, and accelerated downward for about a half second at 1.5 times gravity. It then fell back to continued acceleration a little under 1 g.

Make no mistake about it; Chander is proposing that one of the perimeter wall units actually gained acceleration (not speed) after falling from the building.  Of course, supermagiconanothermite cannot do this, so they're back to hypothesizing that there were rockets on the perimeter wall units.