Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Steven Jones' Latest

He's still on the free energy/perpetual motion kick:

Physicist Harvey Fletcher at age 94 wrote a notarized affidavit affirming that he had examined a device invented by Henry Moray of Salt Lake City:
"The device was contained in a small wooden box... which I, personally, inspected... The electrical load...consisted of 12 clear 75 Watt 100 Volt light bulbs and a 500 Watt electric flat iron... I did not know how the device functioned and I do not know today, but I do know that it did function for the several hours of time that I observed it. I could discern no batteries, and could observe no other known methods of inducing electric power into the box or its loads."

What is this mysterious device and what happened to it and the inventor? Are there others like it today?
 Not to knock old folks, but at age 94, I suspect even a respected physicist like Harvey Fletcher might be capable of being duped.  Here's a short video on Moray's miracle machine:  

I do like the detail about his communist sympathizer assistant destroying the machine.


At 16 February, 2012 07:24, Blogger Ian said...

Why does a reputable institution of higher learning like BYU allow stuff like this to be hosted on their website?

At 16 February, 2012 10:35, Blogger snug.bug said...

What's inside the flat-iron? Armies of trained cockroaches running in tiny hamster-wheels?

At 16 February, 2012 13:17, Blogger The Q. said...

Steven Jones curriculum vitae:
- attempted theft of patents on cold fusion of Fleischmann and Pons
- the solar coocking that cook an egg in 30 minutes
- Ufo, Jesus, Maya, and mormonist
- WTC: i knew how to collapse...
- perpetual motion: i dont know but i verified perpetual motion...

and more other wrong study...

An adept of the NWO!!! the New Wrong Order.

At 16 February, 2012 13:26, Blogger TruthersrAlwaysWrong said...

Armies of trained cockroaches running in tiny hamster-wheels?

And you're their Commander.


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