Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Korey Rowe Plus Twenty

 The Washington Post has a surprisingly long and sympathetic look back at one of the Loose Change triplets, Korey Rowe, and his difficulties and challenges. Hopefully he gets his life together.

Looking back, Korey could see a fairly straight line between his wartime trauma, the distrust it elicited and the 9/11 Truth conspiracy theories he embraced. He also recalled in particular how “Fahrenheit 9/11,” the 2004 antiwar documentary by Michael Moore, shifted his thinking about the conflicts and his own role in them.

“That’s what led me to ‘Loose Change,’” he added. “People are surprised when they talk to me now and I’m not a crazy conspiracy theorist. But I’m not. I wasn’t into conspiracy theories before ‘Loose Change’ and I’m not into conspiracy theories now.”

The story Korey and his friends told through the videos — twisted with inaccuracy and fantasy as they were — felt like an act of reclamation. Helping Dylan brought a sense of control in a world that felt increasingly uncertain, not to mention a deep sense of camaraderie, Korey said. Slowly, from that crucible of conspiracy theories, he also began to aspire to make movies. Something good from something bad.


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