Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Put Those Debunkers in Jail!

I listened to the MP3 of David Ray Griffin and Rob Balsamo talking about their newest airfone story. Most of it was pretty boring, the callers were pretty much limited to troofers calling in to pour adulations on Griffin's latest book. Griffin also repeated quoting the same review for what easily had to be the 10th time. They spend a lot of time complaining about the debunkers, and act indignant that we question their evidence, but yet imply that evidence that we haven't even presented yet must be fake.

I was rather amused by this question posed by Rob Balsamo though, about 36 minutes into the second hour:

Balsamo: I have a question, you know, these debunkers out there, if it is proven that this was an inside job, beyond a reason... beyond a doubt. I mean it's almost beyond a reasonable doubt right now. And we have the perpatrators names. I am wondering if these debunkers can be charged with obstruction of justice with their spin, and their tactics.

Swenson: Yeah, that is what I have been saying on this show is that these Fox News pundits, they get on there and they refuse to talk about 9/11 at all, and when they do, they bring us up and they call us names, but they never bring up any evidence.

Griffin actually has the good sense to dismiss this idea, but I was struck by the irony of this. The whole claim by the 9/11 conspiracy movement is that they are "just asking questions", that they just want a new investigation, to find out what happened that day, that they want an open discussion, that they are suffering under government oppression, and that the US government is bordering on fascism.... and yet they want to throw people in jail simply because they disagree with them. I mean, these are the same people who complain because European courts throw Holocaust deniers in jail because that is a violation of their right of free speech.

Yeah... OK.

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