Wednesday, July 25, 2007

9-11: It Was All About Carbon Credits!

Now I've seen everything:

DH: Peter, why did Saddam's Oil-for-Food bank, Paribas, join the May 2000 war games pitting Dr. Barnett's Naval War College or Dr. Deutch's CIA agents against traders employed by Cantor Fitzgerald, Espeed and atop the North Tower?

PT: [BNP] Paribas hired agents to infiltrate and surveil Cantor's offices and subsidiaries for two reasons; first, to obtain intelligence about's daily carbon offset and emissions trading operations and its security measures and, second, to learn how to use Espeed's TreasuryConnect software and switch Cantor's $70 trillion per year sovereign debt and CO2 trades to Paribas investors (including OBL and Saddam!). By 9/11, after months of war gaming, the agents had learned how to switch trades to Paribas and the kickback trustees of their own pension funds after a real-staged terror event.

DH: Field, could Dr. John Deutch's Raytheon-Thales and Citigroup-AMEC partnerships have placed incendiary-laden planes or Otis elevators just below Cantor Fitzgerald's offices so that 652 victims would be burnt alive or forced to jump on 9/11 and help Dr. Barnett produce what he claims to be "the first live-broadcast mass snuff film in history"?

FM: Yes, in fact either or both. I opine they did both for two reasons; greater probability of success and greater difficulty for crime scene investigators in the Ground Zero rubble, to determine the method of introduction of the two halves (Otis elevators and Boeing planes) of what are "binary incendiary cluster bombs". Raytheon-Thales modified Boeing war game jets illegally with QRS11 GyroChips embedded in flight guidance hardware. On 9/11, Deutch's backers guided the Boeing drones precisely into targeted floors and used AMEC sabotage tests to conceal the same type of explosives in elevator cars, elevator machinery room and elevator shafts at the floors hit by the Boeings. When private equity, profit and intelligence are mixed the product is treason and public carnage.

FM is Field McConnell who also bills himself as Captain Sherlock. There's an MP3 file here with an interview between David Hawkins (DH above) and Eric Hufschmid. Hawkins traces this back to Arkansas in the 1970s and Bill Clinton.

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