Monday, July 16, 2007

Thom Hartmann, Truther

Okay, I'm calling BS on this Thom Hartmann challenge.

Thom Hartmann of Air America radio is trying to organize a debate on his show between CT's and debunkers. Unfortunately he can't find anyone to defend the official conspiracy theory. The debunkers are obviously scared.

I saw this mentioned over at 9-11 Blogger something like a month ago. I dropped Thom a line, saying that I would be available and noted my credentials, including being cited in minor regional publications like Time, US News & World Report and Vanity Fair, as well as being interviewed by podunk radio shows like the BBC, Mancow, Rob Breakenridge and Andrea Shea-King.

No response to date. Now, it's funny but that's sort of how things go. I'm not Mark Roberts, but I'm certainly prominent in the debunking movement. Rob Bishop invited me on his show against Dylan Avery; as it happened Dylan was out that evening and so I debated Jason Bermas.

Rob mentioned several times during the show that they were getting record ratings and adding servers to handle the demand.

And I have never been invited on Truther Radio again. Record ratings, and nobody wants to debate me? I'm assuming this is something of a compliment.

Last summer I was baffled when I offered to come on the Mike Newcomb show on the local Air America affiliate to debate the Loosers. But I made the mistake of sending the offer to the "Truther" producer of the show, Jeff Farias, so somehow they never contacted me to get my side of the Loose Change story.

So perhaps I need to look harder at Thom Hartmann. And lo and behold, Thom Hartmann is already on record as a 9-11 crackpot. He signed this nutty 2004 declaration that endorses lots of 9-11 Denial, including James' favorite:

Why were the extensive missile batteries and air defenses reportedly deployed around the Pentagon not activated during the attack?

This one never ends, no matter how many times we remind them that there's a major airport only a couple miles away.

So, Thom, you're a kook, and we don't blame you for not responding to us. The 9-11 Denial movement wins all your listeners because none of the top Debunkers was willing to come on your show. Good, you win.

And your listeners lose.

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