Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Portland Nutters Set Up Card Table Shrine at Airport

Yeah, just the sort of material you want to be looking at when you're flying; claims that the US government pulled off 9-11.

But on the eve of 9/11’s sixth anniversary, local “9/11 truth activist” David Morrison has proven these assumptions wrong. (Doubters of 9/11 dislike the term “conspiracy theorists,” saying it conjures images of Oliver Stone movies, UFOs and black helicopters.)

Morrison applied for—and got—a permit this month from the Port of Portland to locate his “coverup” table in the airport’s busy thoroughfare separating gates A, B and C on one side from gates D and E.

For eight hours Aug. 7 he handed out documentary DVDs, including the increasingly popular 9/11 Mysteries , a 90-minute film from 2006 that focuses on the science behind the demolition of the World Trade Center towers.

Yeah, the increasingly popular 9-11 Mysteries, which cites Eric Hufschmid, holocaust denier, as its inspiration.

Sounds like some of the TSA workers might not understand the need of checking out guys named Mohamed carefully enough:

“But as the officers looked at my materials, one of them pointed to one of the DVDs and said to the other officer, ‘This is the one I was telling you about—you have to see it,’” he recalls. “The two even came back a little later and asked for duplicate copies to give to friends.… We chatted about it. They were great.”

Something to remember if you're thinking of visiting Portland. Of course, it's hard to see why you'd want to given that it's about to be nuked according to the crackpots.

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