Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Kennebunkport Nuttery Continues

Jeez, if only we could be as effective as Webster Tarpley has been at dividing the Truther Movement into two camps! A new, very slick cartoon has been produced:

(Click on that to see it full-size)

Apparently Tarpley's minions want the Troofers to believe that Cosmos, Woolsey, Arabesque and Jenny are all in the pay of Chip Berlet and the Ford Foundation, and getting their marching orders from the FBI.

Meanwhile, over at the Truth Action Forums, a Tarpley supporter named Leland Lehrman shows up:

The Kennebunkport Warning was and is a well-stated, timely message to a groggy but searching American public on the dangers our country and world now face. Even if the signers weren't clear on what the warning really said, the fact that it was assigned Hoax Status on the internet when it was a very supportable document, with masses of evidence far in excess of the cited Yuval Aviv story, meant that Tarpley and Marshall immediately felt sabotaged, although there is still some uncertainty about where that actually comes from.

On the subject of LaRouche, I have never seen a more complex situation reduced to such an unbelievably useless caricature as Mr. LaRouche and his network. Anyone who has actually taken the time to read their intelligence reports from around the world, their analyses of philosophical, political and financial situations and their work on the cultural infiltration by the CIA into the postwar era would never for a moment reduce their value to zero even if there are grave problems with their tactics, other positions or egos.

LOL! But it gets even better; Imgstacke over there has some recollection of Lehrman's contributions to the collected wisdom of the planet; this piece over at Rense:

The Absolute Best Authentications Of The Protocols Of Zion

Yep, hell of a reference there, Webster!

Update: Nico points out in the comments that Lehrman is the original "Butter Brain".

β€œI was thinking, perhaps it is possible for an object to pass through a hole and make a hole smaller than itself. Say for example, a semi-soft object hit a slightly harder object. Imagine that the semi soft object is a long butter stick, and the slightly harder object is a piece of plastic or so. Is it not possible that the butter, when hitting the plastic could fold at the outer edges and slip through a hole that was not as large as itself? β€œ

β€œAn object can in fact pass through another object and make a hole smaller than itself, in particular if the object is softer than the one it is passing through, and in particular if the object is measured lengthwise, and subsequently bends as a result of impact.” Leland Lehrman

It is also claimed by Nico (although I am unsure on this one) that Lehrman is the son of Lewis Lehrman, who (according to Wikipedia) was an original board member of.... PNAC!

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