Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Those Sinster Ringing Phones

I noticed this bit of "research" over at 911 Blogger describing the events at NORAD on 9/11, and was just stunned by its stupidity:

Crucially, Findley has recalled that, at that moment, "every phone in this cab, and every phone over in the command center, and every phone in all the centers in this building were ringing off the hook." [2] Master Corporal Daniel Milne, the emergency action controller on duty in the NORAD operations center, has similarly recalled: "The feeling was total disbelief. Then the phones started ringing like crazy. I could not believe that we were under attack." [3] This wasn't just happening at NORAD. The American Forces Press Service has described events in the National Military Command Center (NMCC), located within the Pentagon, based on the recollections of two officers who were there. Like the NORAD operations center, the NMCC would have been one of the most important parts of the military that morning. After the second plane hit the WTC, phones there "began ringing off the hook." [4]

What caused all these phones to suddenly ring? Could it have been an influx of concerned agencies suddenly requesting help, now it was obvious the U.S. was under attack? Or was it something more sinister? A clue is in a 1996 article from the U.S. Air Force's own magazine, Airman. The article quoted Stacey Knott, a technician in the NORAD operations center: "Things can be pretty quiet in here." However, she added: "One of the busiest times is during exercises. This room fills up. ... The phones are ringing off the hook, and I've got phones in each hand." [emphasis added] [5]

The fact that the phones were "ringing off the hooks", during a national emergency no less, is somehow given a nefarious meaning. Have these people ever worked a day of their life in the real world? Geez, even someone who worked at the mall over the holidays should be able to understand this!

Sometimes this idiocy just leaves me speechless. How do these people deal with the world? Hold a job? Go shopping even. If the line is long at Blockbusters, is it because the Illuminati are trying to prevent them from renting "The X-Files: Season 3" on DVD?

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