Friday, October 26, 2007

Webster Tarpley, You're Fired!

The Troofer wars continue. Jenny Sparks pink-slips Websteroonius:

This, sir, is another example of your irresponsible judgment. Considering you used the end of your Cooper Union hall speech to attack 9/11 activists as Cointelpro with no evidence worthy of a court of law, this wild call for various groups to "track down" and "isolate" individuals, is likely to result in irresponsible and dangerous witch hunts. Neither you, nor have the faintest understanding of how Cointelpro worked if you believe tracking down individuals you don't is going to stop the actions of a present day reincarnation of the organization. This, sir, is a thinly veiled call to attack persons you and those who support you disagree with. We can no longer be responsible for the out come of these ill conceived words.

Of course, the problem with a canning like this is that it has no effect. I'm sure that 90% of the 9-11 Troof movement would like to fire Uncle Fetzer as a leader, and yet there he is, representing the kooks in virtually every TV program on the topic.

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