Monday, November 26, 2007

Blast from the Past

I happened to be looking through old stuff and found this announcement from Dylan Avery as to his planned opening to Loose Change Final Cut:

This will most likely be the only time I'm going to do this, at least for a while, so soak it up. By posting this, I'm not asking for what to take out or leave in, I'm simply sharing the information with you. Take it or leave it. The opening of LC: Final Cut will go somewhat like this:

Reichstag Fire
Pearl Harbor
Manhattan Project
Nuremberg Trials/Project Paperclip/MKULTRA/Fort Detrick
Gulf of Tonkin
'93 WTC Bombing
Payne Stewart (May or may not)
Dov Zakheim, PNAC member and dual-israeli citizen, becomes Pentagon Financial Comptroller
DOD Memo
John O'Neill and W199I
Put Options
Pentagon Missing 2.3 Trillion Dollars

Okay, care to guess how many of those made it into the opening? The answer may tell you why this film was 14 months late.

Update: The answer is that the only part listed here that made it into the opening of Final Cut was 9/11/2006.


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