Saturday, November 10, 2007

New World Order Loose Change Download Trick Works As Planned

Heheh, now it can be revealed. The North American Union thing? It's a go, thanks to 9-11 Truthers!

Our buddies over at the Louder Than Words (think about it) gang set up a very cunning trap for 9-11 Truthers. Their streaming download would only work if you admitted that you were not in the United States! Yes, you had to be in another country! And can you guess which country?

Si, senor! Yo esta una Mexicano!

Well, before long the Troofers are lining up to certify that they too are part of Aztlan:

One or two patriots hold out:

But even those who sign up for the Mexican Estados Unidos find themselves "Jose"d:

You see, our bosses at the NWO wanted to know if they could get even the Troofers, who are notorious patriots, to accept being Mexican if it meant getting something they wanted. The betatest worked beyond our wildest dreams, and we'll have the real thing ready. Americans who want to watch the Super Bowl will have to make a legally binding acceptance five minutes before kickoff that they are Mexicans!

All in all, an excellent night for the New World Order!