Friday, December 28, 2007

The Benazir Bhutto Assassination

While the rest of the world, and particularly Pakistan, recoils in horror to this awful event, the truthers, who believe there is no such thing as a simple act of violence for the obvious reason, but that everything must be cloaked in some complex web of conspiracy, start their little minds wandering in speculation.

911 Blogger starts us off with the creative title, "I Call B*llshit on the Bhutto Assassination":

However, currently the big story on the Indian news wires is the eyewitness reports of Bhutto actually being assassinated by two separate snipers firing from a nearby building. As two snipers would tend to indicate some level of coordination and planning, as well as training for how to shoot someone with a sniper rifle from long range, it suggests military involvement, possibly even the involvement of the Pakistani clandestine operations agency, the ISI, which has long and demonstrable ties to both the CIA and the 9/11 attacks (for a quick refresher Mahmoud Ahmed, the head of the ISI, wired $100,000 dollars to Mohammed Atta, the supposed lead hijacker on 9/11, shortly before the attacks.) The sniper reports are spreading throughout the media now:

Gee, the only people who know how to use a sniper rifle are the military? Not like Osama bin Laden set up a series of camps and trained thousands of people in the use of weapons or anything, or thousands of Pakistanis engaged in the wars of Afghanistan on their own. I am also amazed that he would find it unusual that in an attack involving both gunfire and bombs, not to mention the murder of 20 people, that there would be some confusion in the reporting. Gee, you think?

Jon Gold gives us this brilliant insight:

Today, sadly, former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto was assassinated. The list of suspects is a long one, but for the purposes of this article, I'm going to focus on one. The Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence agency or, more commonly known within the 9/11 Truth Movement as, the ISI.

Hello, it is more commonly known outside of the "9/11 Truth Movement" as the ISI too. Could you guys be more egocentric?

And of course the Loose Change Forum can always be counted on for idiocies. They manage to make it a whole 4 posts before they get the Jews involved. And they wonder why they get accused of anti-Semitism