Thursday, December 20, 2007

Major Bloggers Fall for Fruitcake Site

This is pretty funny. Andrew Sullivan, certainly one of the A-list bloggers, and Matt Yglesias, both link to a tale of woe from a "young blonde Icelandic" woman who experienced a nightmare at the hands of US immigration authorities when she tried to go shopping in New York with some friends.

Matt and Andrew's take is basically, jeez look at these immigration Nazis under the Bush Administration. Tom Maguire notes that there were plenty of such horror stories even prior to the Bushitler regime.

But one of the commenters at Tom's site noted that the page was "Truther" which caught my attention. And then I realized it was Laura Knight-Jadczyck's site. Oh, man of all the fruitcake sites in the world, two top anti-Bush bloggers had managed to link to possibly the craziest.

Who is Laura Knight-Jadczyk? Here's a long, perhaps overly credulous article on her from a St. Petersburg, Florida paper.

She was studying astrology and making charts for herself and others. She was reading the literature on astral projection and psychic auras and ESP, delving into crystals and meditation and out-of-body experiences. She was also continuing with her experiments with the Ouija board. Often, she conducted these experiments with her friend Freddie.

Freddie was 34, tall and thin, with a quiet rumble of a voice. His official job was working as an office manager for a local company that produced infomercials. But Laura, who had met him a few years before, believed Freddie to be a talented medium in his own right. At first, when the two of them had gotten out the Ouija board, they'd been searching for lottery numbers, hoping to strike it rich. Now they were trying to speak to the dead and to spirits from what Laura and Freddie called "other realities."

That article appears to be circa 2000, lots of things have happened since. Laura went on to form a doomsday cult based on her Ouija board readings, discussed in rather exhaustive detail here.

I became involved with Laura Knight Jadczyk and the Cassiopaeans because of my co-author and friend Vincent Bridges. He kept telling me about this weird scene that sounded like outtakes from Tod Brownings’ Freaks. There was a fat lady, her gnomic Polish husband, and this question mark of a guy named Freddie, and they were channeling alien beings from “Sixth Density” that were communicating through the constellation of Cassiopia by means of a Ouija Board!

And that's just the beginning. She apparently swindled a bunch of money by "raffling" off her home, but never announced a winner. She moved her cult to France.

Of course, I don't expect Andrew Sullivan or Matt Yglesias to know that they hit the fruitcake jackpot. But here's another tale of woe from the same site at the hands of El Al security that might set off some alarms:

That's when they grabbed my luggage, whisked me to the basement, stripped off my clothes and probed every orifice of my body for explosives.

One blogger appears to have noticed that this site is nutty:

However, neither Matt nor Andrew linked to that site. They linked to a word-for-word lift of the original on this site, which uses it as the liner for a litter box full of vile 9/11-truther and Israel-conspiracy nonsense. Thousands of readers following their links went there, instead of the original site.