Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Chic Burlingame Mystery

Just how offensive and idiotic are these lunatic "Truthers" going to get? "Shoestring" comments on what a tough guy Captain Burlingame was, and what wimps the hijackers were, of course concluding that there was no way they could have overpowered him.

Surely it would take a particularly formidable team of terrorists to wrestle control of a plane from a man like this? Yet here is where the official story falls apart at the first hurdle. The supposed hijackers in fact appear to have been a group of weaklings.

Let's see, is there something that might give the weaklings an advantage over Captain Burlingame? Like maybe if he was buckled into a seat, and they were behind him with knives and box-cutters?

Oh, but it gets much worse. The poster actually digs up quotes from the families of the hijackers, talking about what sweet little princes they had been. On Hani Hanjour:

He also liked children. Susan Khalil recalled, "He was very kind and gentle to my son, who was 3 years old."

Yes, and Hitler was apparently very kind and gentle to dogs.

"Truthers" are sick, sad, disturbing people.

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