Thursday, February 21, 2008

The World's Lamest Conspiracy?

As we (and others) have often pointed out, troofers are like Holocaust deniers in that they ignore the big picture, while attempting to focus on what they perceive as anomalies in particular bits of evidence. For example, ignoring the thousands of witnesses and documents, while insisting that the fact that they cannot find enough cyanide on a brick, proves there was no Holocaust.

One of my favorite truther examples of this is the idiots at Pilots for 9/11 Truth who insist that flight 77 could not have hit the Pentagon, because the flight data recorder, which was recovered from flight 77 in the wreckage of the Pentagon, says it did not. Ignoring the hundreds of witnesses to the crash, and the fact that the very black box they are pointing to as evidence... was pulled out of the wreckage of the plane... in the Pentagon...

Another example is David Ray Griffin's latest spin on the airphone thing, after being smacked down hard several times on this blog for lying about the removal of the phones from American Airlines planes, he is now insisting that FBI evidence shows that Barbara Olson never made a phone call to her husband former Solicitor General Ted Olson.

Griffin is correct in saying that the flash presentation from the Zacarias Moussaouii trial shows that Olson made a phone call for zero seconds. This is nothing new, I saw this over a year ago when I first reported on this.

What does this mean, however? There are only a few options.

A. None of the phone calls ever took place. The FBI, under penalty of perjury, on a massive scale (over 7,000 agents where involved in the investigation at one point) made up the record of the dozens of phone calls for the trial, but then decided for some bizarre reason to incriminate themselves by saying that Barbara Olson's call was not connected, despite the fact that this phone call was widely publicized for years before the trial.

B. All of the phone calls but Barbara Olson's took place, and Ted Olson, for some strange reason decided to lie about it. That would be weird, but dozens of phone calls reporting hijackings hardly supports Griffin's case.

C. All of the phone calls, including Barbara Olson's took place, but for some reason (typo, computer error) it was reported as disconnected. There is also the strong possibility that since it was a a collect call, it may not have been recorded on a per minute basis like the other calls.

So which is it Dave?

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