Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Alex Jones Claims We're a Pentagon Operation

As Troy pointed out in the comments section, Alex was hating on us and everybody spreading that German Talis story. He wants lawsuits filed against Michelle Malkin, Sean Hannity the New York Post, the Lovetros, etc. He notes the defense fund:

"Since they've put it up, they've gotten a couple hundred bucks and the Loose Change, uh, Screw Loose Change operation and others make sniveling jokes about it, from their Pentagon operation..."

Yeah, Alex, we're working at the Pentagon. We're right next to the anti-aircraft batteries.

We found out a little more about the various court cases involving WAC-jobs:

We Are Change Ireland: Members accused of assaulting an Irish member of the EU Parliament.

Labour leader Eamon Gilmore said the MEP was confronted by a group of men who screamed abuse at him before knocking him over and pinning him down.

Police confirmed the attack which left Mr de Rossa bruised and shaken.

We Are Change LA: Member (Bruno) accused of assaulting security guards. "Parts of it are on video." Hoo-boy, where have we heard that before.

Alex promises ten thousand dollars for the lawsuits out of his own pockets, but wants to direct the effort. But hilariously, he undercuts the whole case with his own blatherings. He notes that in order to sue for libel, you have to prove that the claims were false and that the libeler knew they were false. And later he notes that most of the people spreading the story thought it was true:

"Well, a lot of the leading neocons, they really believe that we beat up a girl in a wheelchair. They really believe their wicked mother, Fox News."


He also has career advice for Luke: Drop out of college. Luke claims that he's not learning anything at college, but he's teaching his professors. Jones is saying that Luke has to make these lawsuits his full-time job.