Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Real Opportunity for Hilarity

Okay, as I've grumbled quite a bit lately, my local Troofers have been pretty much inactive for the last several months. But at last they have come through with a real opportunity for fun. Next month the Phoenix 9-11 Questions Meetup group is going to hold a truly unique event starting on Monday, May 26th at 5:00:

First Ever "HUNGER STRIKE" for 911 Truth !!!

Join us for an unprecedented event and support Blair Gadsby as he starts his hunger strike for 911 Truth. GOP Presidential hopeful John McCain has endorsed the official story of 911. Given the many anomolies (sic) and un-answered questions surrounding that fateful day it's time he is confronted and allowed the opportunity to change his position. Hopefully media attention can be garnered by this bold move to break through the veil of silence. Nation wide support for this event is highly anticipated as attention surrounding McCain becomes heightened the closer we get to the presidential election. Steps are being taken for a possible multi-city protest. Chicago and New York activists are being contacted to join Phoenix in solidarity and conduct protests for 911 Truth in front of Barak (sic) Obama's office in Chicago and Hillary Clinton's office in New York.

Oh, my. This is Blair's photo from the meetup website:

Doesn't look like Blair could miss many meals before wasting away. That's not a knock on him, by the way; I wish I was his weight. Blair is apparently a college professor, and member of A&E for 9-11 Denial. And yes, he's a structural engineer.

Just kidding. In fact, Blair's yet another religious studies scholar.

Anyway, you can probably guess where I'm going with this. Cookout! Wouldn't it be great to set up a little barbecue upwind from the hunger strike? Considering his profession, we could make sure to have a couple of tofu burgers as well. I'm pretty sure I can get approval.

Anybody in the Phoenix area interested?