Friday, May 23, 2008

A Note to Troy and Walter

Knock it off. I don't care what dirt you guys think you can dig up on each other; it has nothing to do with the focus of this blog. Troy does seem to be getting a little close to the edge of harassment with his phone calls, but if he goes over the line I'm sure he'll hear about it.

Walter says in one post:

I was also promised a video statement from 15 year-old [name deleted] about Troy’s call to his house and what exactly happened between Troy, the boy and his parents.

First, let's not mention the names of minors on this blog. Second, assuming Walter does get that video statement, what exactly will it prove? That a 15-year-old accuses Troy of harassment. We're all skeptics on this bus; accusations are not evidence, or Bush, Cheney, James and I would be up on Kevin Barrett's oft-fantasized scaffold. Take your claims and counterclaims elsewhere; I'm not going to referee this fight, and if I see further arguments between you two I'm going to start banning IP addresses.