Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Smooth Me!

Wow, nice to see that I really have lost weight since then! Now you see why I took up riding my bicycle everywhere that it was feasible (I do have to drive at times).

In answer to the question, as far as I know, Rick Siegel hasn't posted a comment here in a year or more. Nico posts comments quite frequently. Unlike Jenny, whose work this seems to be loosely based on, Nico has never made disgusting comments on our blog. He's never threatened me. He's never lied to me, which is so goddamn rare in the 9-11 "Truth" movement that Nico Haupt might as well be Diogenes' honest man.

Yes, the No-Planers are nuts. But the idea that there's some subset of Truthers that shouldn't be bouncing off the rubber walls is a non-starter, which is why unlike 9-11 Blogger we don't ban no-planers or even the CIT nutbars from posting their crap in the comments. It's called letting the truth come out, by exposing the arguments on both sides.