Friday, May 09, 2008

Troofer to Debunkers: Respect my Authoritay!

The Troofer friendly radio host reads a letter from a troofer named Bob on the air, attacking debunkers. After a long and rambling introduction the thing gets bizarre beyond belief. Here are some key excerpts:

But what is most annoying to me, Bob writes, is the attitude of the 9/11 conspiracy debunkers. And there is a website In a real dialogue, the participants begin with a kind of peer-to-peer relationship. Not so at this website. The 9/11 conspiracy debunkers immediately start establishing an uneven playing field. Since you question the official story, you are a bastard idiot. They are from the sane rational zone. The relationship turns from peer-to-peer straight away into parent-to-idiot child from outer space. They ridicule what we think we have seen. They talk to us as we are so gullible. We really believe that David Copperfield ate an elephant. Or sawed the Statue of Liberty in half or whatever lame-ass stuff he does during his show. They treat us as though we are so stupid to fall for what we think we saw. We're all Zippy the Pinhead and it is almost too much for them to endure our presence.

Well, I must admit, it is an uneven playing field. We occupy the position of reality, which is a serious advantage. The key thing that struck me though is the fact that the guy is so offended that he is not respected. Let's get this straight fellow, you are not our peers, you in fact are idiots. We are not trying to have a dialogue here, any more than I would have a dialogue with some guy on a street corner ranting about the end of the world. Sorry, just a little reality there.

Even more, look at this in perspective. You believe there is some massive government conspiracy to murder 3,000 people and cover it up as a pretext to martial law and fascism, and yet your biggest issue right now is the fact that some website made fun of you. Was Andrei Sakharov's biggest issue complaining about whether Brezhnev called him a doo-doo head? Did Nelson Mandela write letters from jail complaining because some South African newsletter did not respect his intellect? Geez guys, you really suck at this whole dissident thing.

He continues later:

The 9/11 debunkers have placed all their chips on the mechanics of 9/11. They put all their 9/11 eggs in one basket. That is why they get so upset when we question "the official story". Their denial is entirely buttresed by the technicalities of 9/11. If you assault those, well then, that's all they have got. If you somehow breach that bulwark, then you have got to reconsider everything. They might have to reconsider the possibility of their government's involvement. Oops, can't go there, stop. Stop! You're making their brains hurt. If you don't talk about the technicalities of three buildings falling down, what do they have to counter with?

Gee, sorry to limit my discussion of 9/11 to what actually happened that day. Damn technicalities...