Thursday, July 24, 2008

British Kooks Shield Psycho Mom

I hope this story turns out okay, but it's still unresolved as of now. A German woman named Natalie Bracht apparently emigrated to England with her five daughters. She started acting a little nutty and the authorities became concerned for her children's well-being. An interim care order was issued, but before it could be enforced, she and the kids had fled.

At some point she began talking to the British Truthers and they apparently became involved in shielding her. She claims that she knows that the London Tube bombings of 7/7/05 did not involve Muslims, and that there is going to be an attack on American soil in Ireland (this doesn't make much sense unless she's talking about an embassy) in order to do something. She mixes in a lot of talk about Israel. Tony Gosling, who is a bigwig in the UK 9-11 fruitcakes (and a Bilderberger nutbar as well) interviewed her; if you can make heads or tales out of her claims you're better than I. But of course the nutbars are all in solidarity with her. Gosling was later detained and his home searched; of course the Truthers get their panties twisted over that, never mind that if the woman does an Andrea Yates they'll probably natter about how they should have done more to save the kids.

Natalie Bracht's parents plead for her to turn herself in. Even Gosling suggests that she's gone far enough, although he turns around in the next breath and hopes that she's managed to escape to Holland.

Hat Tip: Commenter Mr Danger

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