Monday, August 18, 2008

Truther Corsi a No-Show On White People Radio

He backed out of an appearance despite reconfirming:

Jerome Corsi, who had confirmed his appearance on today’s Political Cesspool broadcast even after the recent media firestorm erupted, had his publicist send us an email canceling his appearance, which we received only a few minutes before his segment was scheduled to start. This is the only information we received, in the subject line:

we need to cancel for tonight travel plans have changed


It just goes to show what incredible pressure everyone in public life is under to never have anything to do with anyone who speaks up for the interests of white people.

Not many people can stand up to the pressure. Hopefully, in the future, we’ll continue to be able to book guests who can.

Rachel Maddow lays into Corsi for the errors in his book and his pushing of the North American Union nuttery, but completely neglects to mention his Troofer beliefs:

Could it possibly be because Maddow herself has flirted with Trutherism in the past?

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