Monday, September 15, 2008

Whistling Past the Graveyard

Les Jamieson posts an update on the NYC 9-11 Fruitcake Ballot Initiative:

Thanks to all the hard-working petitioners who have spent months on this historice effort, we have now gathered over 30,000 signatures of NYCregistered voters!

This is the minimum requirement to submit a ballot initiative to NY City Council. Now the foundation has been established. From here we will build and create a winning campaign that will result in placing the Initiative for a new, independent, comprehensive 9/11 investigation on the ballot in 2009.

Of course, 30,000 being the minimum and since a fairly large percentage of the signatures will probably turn out to be from Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, they are going to need quite a bit more. And they missed the deadline for 2008. But it's not a bug, it's feature!

Our core team of 25+ volunteers actually feel positive about this. We prefer to increase our numbers to a much higher level which will make an undeniable case for passage. Therefore, we will continue to gather petition signatures into the next year with the goal of reaching 100,000 signatures and establish a powerful mandate showing the voters of New York City are calling for the creation of a new Commission that will conduct an authentic and comprehensive investigation of 9/11.

Heheh, 25+ volunteers? I'm beginning to think that the 4.6% estimate of the "Truthers" in the population at large may be off by a bit, or else there are something like 369,975 goofballs in New York City who aren't carrying their share of the load.