Sunday, October 05, 2008

Back in the USSR

Cathy Young has an article on the latest growth spot for 9-11 Troof: Russia. Soviet TV aired the ridiculous mockumentary Zero and had an after-showing panel:

But the lunatics, for the most part, were running the asylum. The discussion was heavily dominated by several pro-conspiracy panelists who dismissed the "official story" of "19 Arabs directed by Osama bin Laden in a cave" as self-evidently absurd. (The repeated gibes about "19 Arabs" prompted a sarcastic query from one of the dissenters, Middle East expert Irina Zvyagelskaya: Would 25 or 50 have been more believable?) Chiesa, who is fluent in Russian, argued that the bin Laden videotapes aired on TV "obviously" featured several different bin Laden impersonators.

I have not mentioned this in the past, but while I fully expect the 9-11 Troof Movement to continue to rot here in the US, it would not surprise me to see continued growth around the globe. There is always a market for America-bashing overseas.