Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Boxes Stay

One of the funniest things about the Troofers is that they have no instinct for when they are making fools of themselves. I suppose that's a survival trait for kookery; if you realize you're being buffoonish, you'll tend to stop. We roared at Sofia's "clunkity-clunk" analogy, and made it the quote of the year in 2006, but did that stop her from using it on the History Channel special in 2007?

Richard Gage has a new "researchers' edition" DVD of Blueprint for Truth, and apparently he's sticking with the cardboard boxes demonstration that sent us into gales of laughter when he attempted it on Hardfire. After all, it's an "objective, repeatable experiment". At about 57 seconds:

Kevin McPadden also makes an appearance with his ridiculous "run for your life" claim.

Update: Troy was at Gage's presentation in Cincinnati (with appropriate headgear) and witnessed the experiment that changed the world:

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