Friday, November 21, 2008

Griffin Suggests Forgiveness for 9-11

These people will say anything to get their precious "second" investigation of 9-11:

David Ray Griffin, author of seven books on 9-11, including his latest, "A New Pearl Harbor Revisited," all of which are critical of the government's 9-11 investigations, said on the Alex Jones radio program today that he believed the administration of incoming U.S. President Barack Obama will be more open to the establishment of such a commission. "With a new administration...there is really a chance" that there could be a new 9-11 investigation, Griffin said. Griffin described Obama as "very bright," with a strong moral compass and an appreciation of the U.S. constitution. "He and his people will be open to evidence" that contradicts government accounts, Griffin said. He also said that Obama was likely to embrace the idea of forgiveness that would be essential for a truth and reconciliation commission. "He's willing to let bygones be bygones," said Griffin.

A Troof and Reconciliation Commission? With no scaffolds? I've got a hunch that Kevin Barrett won't be willing to go along with that!

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