Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Those Wacky Pacifists and Their Death Threats

Troy's gotten one from the head of that noted Gandhi-inspired group, We Are Change Colorado, affectionately known around here as WAC-CO. Of course, death threats from them are a little more serious, given that one of their members has actually committed a murder.

Luke, I think you need a new leader for your Colorado Branch, this one hasn't quite gotten the whole Satyagraha thing.

I got one from a particularly foolish and grammar-challenged computer science major:

I think youre a TERRORIST for no tinforming the people the right information, and educating them on whats right. You should be arrested and HUNG for treason. No worries though because in due time ALL secrets will be revealed. When that happens you will be the first to be decapitated, and be judged left to suffer the horrors of the coming of your god! Have a wonderful day. Thank you for your time, MAYA.

Gravy's gotten at least one:

Markā€¦. I know you read this forum so bear this in mind, one day whilst you are showing people around the city you will see lots of pairs of eyes but one day you will look into a pair of eyes that will be mine and you know instantly that you will never forget my eyes because they will be the last thing you see.

Markyx got some after he released Screw Loose Change (the movie).

Danny Bonaduce had one against his wife and daughter:

Ok, folks...some clowns have been posting stuff on Danny Bonaduce's 12 year old daughter's page, and on his wife's page which is completely unacceptable. and he told me THAT SOME PEOPLE SENT HIM DEATH THREATS, AND SENT THEM TO HIS 12 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER!

And of course we need hardly mention Kevin Barrett, who regularly fantasies about half of America up on the scaffold.

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