Friday, January 30, 2009

Troofers Continue to Wrestle With, And Over, President Obama

Let me make clear that when I point to posts where the Troofers rag on President Obama, it's certainly not going to be over things that I agree with them about. So assume when I link to this stuff, I'm making fun of the kooks, and not of the prez.

Over at Truth Action, which I would remind you is where the supposedly "responsible" wing of the Troofers hang out, the thread on Obama's "Coronation" continues to provide amusement. Several posters make the inevitable comparison to Adolf (Veillifter posted a ridiculous YouTube of a black preacher invoking Hitler), of course in this case focusing on the cheering crowds. A few of the liberal/left troofers object, but Veillifter makes a good point: How many of them objected to comparisons of President Bush to Hitler, which leads to arguments that Bush really did something to deserve the comparisons.

I always say that comparisons of any American politician to Hitler are absurd and overwrought, and that most of the people making the comparisons are not intentionally understating the evil of Hitler or overstating the evil of the American politician they are sliming. What they are doing is trying to compare themselves to those few brave souls who stood up to Hitler. It's a self-congratulatory, risk-free, "I'm noble because I'm resisting the tyranny of this fascist regime."

While Bush was in power, the kooks could tell themselves that he (and Cheney) were keeping a lid on 9-11 to protect themselves. Now that the Democrats are in power, the choices are basically:

1. President Obama is not pursuing 9-11 Truth because he's a pawn of the same New World Order as Bush.

2. President Obama is not pursuing 9-11 Truth because revealing it would be too devastating for the American people.

Think about it as a marketing problem. Which of those alternatives is going to be a more interesting sell? Which would be likely to attract new converts?

Yes, to the sane among us, there is a third option, that Obama's not pursuing 9-11 Troof because it's nutty, but that's never going to be embraced by the kooks.

But I do expect it to be pretty painful to the liberals in Trooferland. Jim Fetzer may be eager to embrace 9-11 nuttery, but don't expect him to agree that OKC was pulled off by the Clintons. Nick Levis is threatening to leave Truth Action, and John Albanese doesn't seem far behind.

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