Monday, February 16, 2009

Blast from the Past

When James and I first started this blog, one of the more amusing things was getting to see the viral marketing that Dylan's followers were doing to promote Loose Change. In virtually every possible type of forum, from Danish bodybuilders to knife enthusiasts to crossdressers, one of the Troofers would pop up and start a thread with some version of the following:

Hi there, I've been reading this board for awhile but just registered today, and I find the signal to noise ratio here pleasingly high. I just watched this new internet documentary today called Loose Change, and while I don't necessarily agree with all of it, it did raise some very troubling questions.... blah, blah, blah.

The reason we saw that was because inevitably, after two responses or so somebody would say, "Go check out Screw Loose Change, which thoroughly debunks this nonsense." At any rate, the Troof spammers no longer push Loose Change, but the tactics haven't changed with the new movies:

I know the howls of protest will arise, but I happened to stumble across this (believe it or not!) while Googling around computer programming help pages.

It appears to be a serious effort by a professional group to call for a review of the 9/11 commission findings on the collapse of the twin towers, and, more interestingly on Tower 7. One piece of interest is the clip of BBC News 24 'announcing' the collapse of Tower 7 20 minutes early, to camera with a shot of the tower still standing behind the presenter.

It is a long video, just under 700mb, runs for well over an hour and originates from formed by a group of professional engineers and architects.

I would urge you to at least have a look at it - it is thought provoking, and as the guy says at the end, do not just dismiss it for reasons of "It's too horrible to contemplate" or "They wouldn't do that, would they?".

There are several ways to challenge the suggestions, but I found 'back-tracking' on the logic of the presentation led me to a rather alarming root.

Note the usual disclaimer:

Now, I'm not saying I have 'gone for it', but it is worth viewing, if only to stimulate thought in turgid brains

This is what we call over at JREF, the Mark of Woo; the claim that while he does not personally believe in the conspiracy himself (thereby shielding himself against the charges of tinfoil hattery), the poster does find the evidence presented interesting. Of course, within about 5 posts the Marked One has dropped all pretense of being on the fence and has gone full-bore "Truther".