Thursday, February 26, 2009

Brian Good's Greatest Hits

Since he seems to be our designated Troofer commenter this week, I thought we might review some of the more memorable moments of insanity from Mr Good.

Brian posts at the Democratic Underground forum as Petgoat. He made one of the greatest conspiracy theory posts ever in May, a true classic of the genre.

Almost 18 months ago I shared these sketches, which didn't go over very well here.

Acknowledgment that his genius has so far gone unrecognized.

I'm not an engineer. I've worked in construction and read lots of books on building and I operate a lot in the failure mode through taking on the repair of hopelessly broken stuff other people consider garbage, and when I'm building stuff for my own use I deliberately underbuild it to try to generate instructive failures. My first project was as a five-year-old--a chair that provided an interesting (and instant) shear failure when I sat on it.

Admission that he lacks formal training but a claim that his real-world experience makes up for it, followed by a humorous anecdote.

I have reason to believe that one of these days you're going to see some diagrams from more authoritative sources that look something like these.

The usual megalomania claim that someday he'll be regarded as prescient. Petgoat followed up with a series of incomprehensible drawings, only one of which I'll present here:

When the sheeple responded that they could not understand his point, Brian lashed out with one of the alltime greatest quotes by a troofer:

If your co-workers have any questions, intelligent or otherwise, please forward them. That you were unable to intuit the obvious implications of rakeonrake suggests that, if they're anything like you, they won't have any at all.

Of course, Brian is always quotable:

What is proposed is that the giant core structure of the WTC, built to carry 10X the weight of the entire tower above, should have captured the disorganized wreckage of the WTC wreckage that was disintegrated core above it, rather than collapsing under this relatively small amount of wreckage.

Meatball on a fork is a metaphor.

Had it not been for Sofia's amazing "Clunkety-clunk", Brian would be remembered today as the person who had the two greatest quotes ever by a 9-11 "Truther".

One of the more amusing soap opera plots in the soap opera world of the Troofers was the star-crossed friendship of Carol Brouillet and Brian Good, discussed at Carol's site. In September 2007 they were side by side, fighting the New World Order:

The great thing (for me) was that I was, at least, able to do the rally, march, and hand out the cards, which would have been impossible had it not been for Chuck and Brian and Scott, Bill, Bob, Camille, and others who helped carry stuff, set-up, minded the table, and pass out cards, too- it really was a group effort. One of us can make a little noise, but together we can have a big impact- I would say we did reach our message to most of the crowd at the Concert- and that we definitely felt our work and efforts were appreciated by most of the public and our fellow activists.

I still have to unload and repack the car- for Brian who will be tabling at the Grand Lake Theater tomorrow.

They were superheroes for 9-11 Troof:

Fortunately, the most important thing I learned at the Storyfield Conference was "Radical Forgiveness" so I'm not going to beat myself up for doing a lousy job pulling together the rally and march. It was very small. Bernie came and sang his songs, but we had no prominent speakers- just those of us hardcore 9/11 Truth activists who have been doing the work- and one journalist/photographer from some University or another, covering the event. I just didn't have time to do all the organizing, legwork, outreach to pull off something big. Knowing it would probably be small, Brian and I donned the superhero costumes to add drama/color/draw attention to our rather small march. I don't think we were many beyond 30 people- but we were loud, and sang most of the way.

But things quickly turned sour:

I was stunned at last night's meeting when I was attacked heavily by Brian Good on the November 1st event AND the Trick or Truth idea, AND War on War Week- because of Kevin Barrett's involvement AND for having Captain May on my radio show. Jeremy Begin took Brian's side and the group voted against endorsing War on War Week and using any of our funds to promote it.

Unfortunately, Brian wrote a LONG attack email directed at me and cced to most of the local activists this morning which I was forced to respond to- and ate up much of my precious time. No press advisories were sent out- I missed the big peace rally.

I just hope when I get through this difficult period that I will be able to look back and appreciate the hard lesson that I was forced to learn from this experience, but I'm still in the midst of it, and royally mad at Brian for his incredibly bad judgement, and being so counterproductive.

On the brighter side, I do appreciate my family and friends more than ever for their understanding, love, and support, and I do hope that the time I spent responding to Brian's accusations might help increase understanding between Kevin Barrett and his accusers and mend some bridges (undoing the damage caused by those who are TRYING to create rifts in the movement and unjustly attacking Kevin Barrett, and Captain May, and I for being in league with those who have created some awful websites and films that target 9/11 Truth activists as members of Al Qaeda- with names, addresses and encouraging people to use violence against them.)

You know how it is; Brian was probably right to blast her for associating with complete fruitcakes like Barrett and May, but of course who does he want her to associate with? Fruitcakes like him.

At any rate, they apparently got so hostile towards each other that Carol began not attending events if Brian would be present:

I was so busy yesterday, making plane reservations, taking Jeremy to the orthodontist, feeding him, before he had to leave for the play he's working on at school, and I couldn't get a straight answer from Brian as to whether or not he was going to the meeting, so I could figure out carpooling with Chuck and whether I needed to write a letter or not to the group. Fortunately, Chuck called Brian, received assurance that he wouldn't go to the meeting- so I went.

Sadly Brian is putting all his energy into counterproductive attacks, and I am doing my best to ignore him, and not let bother me, and I try to channel my anger into something productive like the work at hand.

About eight of us will be attending the Media Strategy Summit in Santa Cruz at the end of the month. We voted to ask Brian not to attend meetings or be on committees- which was the most emotional, painful part of the meeting for most of us. I can't handle the emotional abuse.

Good is also active with Box Boy Gage's group, and caused some uproar back in 2007 when he sent out emails from an AE 911 Troof email address that blasted Willie Rodriguez.

So if you encounter him in the comments, be humble; you're dealing with a world-famous fathead!

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