Sunday, June 28, 2009

Troof Petition Submitted to NYC

The comedy continues. NYCCAN claims to have submitted 52,000 signatures to the city council. There's no discussion of whether they made any efforts at determining what percentage of the signatures will turn out to be valid. Lots of people will sign petitions with names like D. Duck, or will turn out to not be residents of the five boroughs of NYC.

So my first assumption is that 52,000 signatures is not enough to guarantee they will have sufficient valid signatures. Personally I'm hoping that they succeed in getting on the ballot. Heck, I'll even pray that it passes, because the further this thing gets, the more epic the inevitable failure will be. Remember, the "plan" is that the investigation will be funded to the tune of $50 million via private contributions, heh. This is the gang that could only sell 800 copies of a $20 book during the "Week of Truth".