Saturday, July 11, 2009

BBC Conspiracy Files Takes on 7/7 Troofers

Been looking for this one for the last week or so. They did a bang-up job on WTC-7, and I am confident they've done the same here, although I'll admit I'm just watching it now. Based on past episodes, expect the first half of the show to present fairly and in a reasonably attractive light the conspiracy theories. The second half is generally where the solid debunking will be found.

Part II etc., can be found here.

Update: Terrific! As predicted, about halfway through the segment you'll be saying that they have been far too generous to the 7/7 Troofers. And then in the second half they come through with a scythe and cut them off at the knees. Just awesome!

My only criticism? I do wish they'd been a bit more definitive on the Peter Power segment. If, as they say, Power really only was close on two of the three locations, why not show us the one that he got wrong, and where it was on the London Tube map compared to the actual location of the third subway bomb?

I was thrilled to see Rachel North featured prominently in the show; she is truly a survivor. They do make an interesting point towards the end; that Britain is much more susceptible to 7/7 Trooferism, and that it is simultaneously more dangerous, because there is a large Muslim minority in the UK and unlike US Muslims, they have not been generally integrated into society.

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