Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Funny Conspiracy Theories

David Wong may not understand my politics ;), but he knows the conspiracy theory idiots as well as anybody:

1. The average conspiracy theorist will argue with NASA, Nobel-prize winners and every expert in the world despite having fewer qualifications than the average fry cook.
2. Conspiracy theorists view logical argument as cheating.
3. Like pissing fetishes and tentacle rape comics, conspiracy theories are a problem made much worse by the Internet.
4. Never assume malice when incompetence will do.

His hook for the post is that apparently Whoopi Goldberg expressed some support for the "Moon Truth" theory on the 40th anniversary the other day, although all those bullet points can apply to 9-11 Troof as well). Incidentally, we are getting tons of traffic from this older post of David's on the Loose Change phenomenon. It's an excellent and very funny piece.

Update: Hat Tip to Billman for pointing these two articles out in the comments.

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