Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ed Begley: I Was Lured In by Tinfoil Hatters

Interesting bit with Begley who now claims he was just interested in the air quality issues, which is legitimate, and was appalled by the claims of controlled demolition. I like that he goes immediately to the "Cheney planted bombs in the towers, but he didn't plant WMD in Iraq?" argument.

It may be argued (and probably will be) that this is an effort by Begley to help out Van Jones by pointing out how the Troofers dupe people into supporting them by highlighting relatively non-controversial questions, and before you know it, everybody's saying you're one of the nutbars. I'd have to look back at Begley's moderation of the NY 2004 event and see what he was saying at that time to see if he's just butt-covering here.

I've always liked Begley; his performance as Victor Erlich in St. Elsewhere was terrific and he's one of those rare environmentalists who really does make serious efforts to reduce his carbon footprint, unlike Al "$10,000 utility bill" Gore.

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