Monday, November 09, 2009

Ticket Sales for the Blunder Down Under Sluggish

John Bursill writes that the response to a few of the sessions at the "Hard Evidence" tour has been tepid:

We still have 135 (out of 292) Tickets to sell for Saturday the 14th event and 210 (out of 292) for Sunday the 15th event.

Tickets for Sunday are priced at $32.50 in Australian dollars which is roughly $29 US at the current exchange rates. And it seems like a bargain, since you'll get to see the following major league troofers:

Luke Rudkowski (Head of WeAreChange NY and founder of WAC), Janice Matthews (Head of, Cosmos (Head of, Ken Jenkins (911 Truth's #1 Psychologist), Dr Frank Legge (Co-ed of the Journal of 9/11 Studies) and Hereward Fenton (Australia's top 9/11 Journalist)!

I can't imagine how those tix are not selling like hotcakes. I mean, 911 Truth's #1 Psychologist!

The Saturday event is the biggie; Richard Gage and Steven Jones, together again for the first time. But if you want to attend that session, it's $60 Australian, or about $54 US. Forget about asking the tough questions, however, as the Q&A session is going to be moderated by Bursill himself.

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