Sunday, December 20, 2009

Grifter: Still An Ass

And still pushing the Barbara Olsen phone calls.

One of the Troofers over at 9-11 Flogger has a good question:

Why does Griffin trust the FBI on the Olson calls but not on the ID'ing of the hijackers? How does he know when to trust the FBI and when they are lying?

And the answer is classic conspiracy theorizing:

Part of Griffin's reasoning for when to trust the FBI is probably that when they present evidence that harms the OCT that evidence is more trustworthy. Evidence ID-ing the hijackers came from info in Atta's suitcase, which mysteriously did not get put on his flight from Logan. That sort of evidence is very suspicious as someone could easily have planted the suitcase; in fact that is more likely, especially as it is hard to see why Atta would have brought it with him and not destroyed it. The passport in NYC and the visa and bandanna in PA are other examples of evidence that was almost certainly planted. Similarly, when NIST admits 2.28 seconds of free-fall during the collapse of WTC7, that is strong evidence because we have numerous sources and it devastates their story. Notice they refuse to admit molten metal.

When the FBI backs up his ridiculous conspiracy theory, they're telling the TRUTH. When the FBI debunks his ridiculous conspiracy theory they're telling a lie.

Note that on the fires, Grifter continues with the asinine bit about how fires have never... ignoring that they fireproof the steel in highrises. Once again, if I had a chance to ask one question of Box Boy Gage, it would be along the lines of why does he require fireproofing on steel in the buildings he designs, if fire can't make a building collapse? Is it just for fun?

And the interviewer makes one ridiculous claim. He says that architects and engineers who support the "official story" state that what propelled the steel out hundreds of feet was the air escaping. That's not the case; I think he's confusing what caused the so-called "squibs".


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