Thursday, May 04, 2006

Explosive Evidence

For about a 10 minute period Loose Change cites witnesses, including firefighters who observed explosions at the World Trade Center. This they claim proves that explosives devices, such as C-4 or dynamite were used. Here is one example:

As Lieutenant Guttenberg and his crew were investigating the dumpster, they heard a loud explosion come from the direction of their station. They walked back to the
engine and heard Boston Fire Alarm dispatch a box alarm assignment for an explosion on Floyd Street. The explosion was actually at 8 Ashton Street near
Floyd Street. This street is only a few short blocks from their quarters.

Ladder Company 29, under the command of Fire Lieutenant Richard Powers, had been in quarters when they heard what sounded like "sonic booms" coming from the direction of Floyd and Calendar Streets. A few minutes later they were dispatched to a level zero haz-mat incident away from the direction of the "sonic boom" sound. As Ladder 29 pulled out onto the apron of their station, Lieutenant Powers observed a column of smoke coming from the direction of Floyd Street. At that time BOX 36 was transmitted for the explosion and Ladder 29 was reassigned to BOX 36.

Oh wait, that isn't from the World Trade Center, that is from a fire in Boston in 1998. How could that be? I thought explosions means military explosives were used. Could it be that explosions are a common result of dangerous out of control fires?


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