Thursday, May 04, 2006

Loose Change Skeptics More Articulate

I've highlighted some of the goofier reviews of Loose Change. Let's listen to some of the skeptics:

Matt Morris:

You know people believe some crazy shit. I used to be interested in conspiracy theories because I liked the idea of having secret knowledge, but now I'm interested in them because it's a specialized area of memetic study. Conspiracy theories could practically have a radioactive marker on them because they seem to travel together within certain types of personalities and it almost becomes predictable once you know that someone supports a certain theory that they'll be susceptible to others as well.

Commodore Stiffy:

I've said this before, it's called the 'hammer effect'. Each floor of the twin towers was so structurally sound that they wouldn't crumble to pieces once the support beams were melted away (jet fuel can do a number on support beams). In addition to that, the vangaurd of structural support was positioned around the surface of the buildings making a sort of 'cage shell'. Really, all that the towers needed to fall was for one floor to lose its pillar support. Once the support of one floor gave out, the above floor would fall flatly onto the bottom floor (like a hammer) and force that bottom floor's pillar support to give out. The repetitive crashing of one floor onto the other until the the entire building was on the ground was why the two buildings fell so neatly. Actually, we are quite lucky that it fell that way (for obvious reasons).

The No Kool-Aid Zone:

Osama bin Laden is a pretty decent old chap who should not be considered to be behind this; nope, it’s President Bush and his brother Marvin. And it goes on and on, piecing together every possible piece of questionable material and ignoring acres and acres full of corroborating evidence and common sense. Apparently a lot of college students are scarfing this thing up. Note to students: gullibility is not a highly-rated virtue when seeking future employment.

I'm not saying there aren't articulate defenders of Loose Change or inarticulate debunkers. But in general....


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