Friday, May 12, 2006

Some Liberal Blogs Dipping Their Toes In the Swamp?

For the most part the bigger liberal blogs have avoided Loose Change like the plague. If you do a Technorati search for "Loose Change" and limit it to blogs with the most authority, you'll see that it's mostly getting discussed on center-right blogs like My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, Daimnation, My Pet Jawa, In the Right Place, etc. But it does look like a couple of the mid-range liberal blogs are starting to talk about it, albeit a little timidly.

Tony Pierce, whose blog is linked by over 1400 blogs according to Technorati says:

Loose Change is f*cking awesome. I'm not (usually)into conspiracies but i loved it.

In Search of Utopia, which is linked by over 373 blogs according to Technorati says:

WOW! Watch it and make up your mind what you believe. I can't believe it. I just cant... Despite everything I believe about this administration, I can not believe they would deliberately Kill Americans.

This is sort of the limited hangout position. You endorse seeing the movie (perhaps because of the cinematography?), while declining to accept the conspiracy theory that it proposes. It's sort of like saying, "I'm strongly in favor of the right to keep and bear arms, but you've gotta see Bowling for Columbine and make up your own mind."

And later in the comments he adds:

Well I just finished watching the whole thing, and it asks some serious questions that NEED to be asked. Jesus, its scary watching this movie. Watch the whole thing Jay.

So far Technorati shows no sign of it on the bigger liberal blogs like Washington Monthly, Crooks & Liars, Firedoglake, Eschaton, or Kos (it does appear on some of the diary pages there). It did pop up on Huffington Post, but not by one of their regular bloggers, but an assistant to Michael Moore.


At 12 May, 2006 15:43, Blogger Realist06 said...

Well that solves it!
Loose Change doesn't appear on most liberal blogs so it must be a fraud!

At 12 May, 2006 16:21, Blogger Pat said...

Not my point. I'm curious to see when the liberal blogs do pick it up. This is a little inside blogging stuff that probably isn't interesting to LC fans but is to bloggers.

At 12 May, 2006 17:28, Blogger Realist06 said...

Air America hasn't picked it up either. They're too busy blabbing on and on about how everything is the republicans fault. Yep, leave it to Air America to get to the bottom of things!

At 13 May, 2006 06:29, Blogger nes718 said...

A lot of you have to stop falling into the "liberal vs. conservative" trap. Firstly, some high profile liberals like M. Moore are bought and paid for by the same people that buy conservatives like A. Coutler and R. "Pills" Limbugh. A good example is "Democracy Now's" Amy Goodman and Pacifica who is partly funded by the Ford Foundation.

Basically, the controlled "Left" will never divulge movies like Loose Change because it actually raises questions they'd rather not address. The controlled left like the controlled right will always try to blame each other and hide the fact of whom is really pulling the strings. The "Left" will push "foreknowledge" and totally forget about COMPLICITY and the mountains of evidence that points to such.

At 13 May, 2006 12:51, Blogger Realist06 said...

Excellent post nesnyc!

At 13 May, 2006 22:54, Blogger Mr. Right said...

Pat, the reason I associate this sort of nonsense with the far left wackos is because they have been pushing the Bush LIHOP (Let it happen on purpose) or, even more popularly, MIHOP (MADE it happen on purpose) [It being 9/11] garbage on Democratic Underground for as long as I can remember.

There are a bunch of people (and I use that term lightly in their particular cases) over there who are absolutely convinced of this. If you are looking for discussions on this film, I'll bet a little DUmpster diving would yield a goldmine. Just a thought.

At 14 May, 2006 00:14, Blogger Mr. Right said...

Pat, I just spent a few moments in the sewer to retrieve this link for you. It is the dedicated 9/11 conspiracies discussion board at DU...

I'll bet you can have a lot of fun with what you find over there. Just be sure to wear your hazmat suit!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need a shower!


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