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The Strange Case of April Gallop

(Note: Be sure to read the update at the bottom)

April Gallop comes in for some attention at 24:58. She was an employee at the Pentagon on 9-11 (oddly enough it was her first day back from pregnancy leave). She and her son were both injured in the blast.

Avery claims that in a book by Jim Marrs called Inside Job, Gallop says that while she was in the hospital, she was visited by men who tried to convince her that the Pentagon was hit by a plane.

"But I was there and I never saw a plane or even debris from a plane. I figure the plane story is there to brainwash people."

Apparently the brainwashing has been successful with April herself. Here's a discussion of her three years after the crash in the Washington Post:

When Elisha cries these days the same way he did when he was trapped under the debris, it all comes back. If she drives past an airport and smells jet fuel, it all comes back. She hears her injured co-workers calling for help. She sees the shards of metal, the broken furniture and shattered lights jutting dangerously every which way. It feels . . . so real.

"You live with it, almost every day," Gallop said. "You carry it with you."

Here's a discussion of how the events of that day turned April into an activist against illegal immigration:

April Dawn Gallop, a former Army administrative specialist who uses a cane because of injuries she received in the Sept. 11, 2001, attack on the Pentagon, said she never thought about immigration and terrorism until that day.

After the attack, she began attending anti-immigration rallies and congressional hearings, where she often ran into members of the coalition.

Here's another interview with Gallop:

WALLACE: September 11th, 2001, it is your first day back from maternity leave. You're getting ready to take your newborn son, Elijah, to child care. Then what happens?

GALLOP: Again, it wasn't anything expected. I was just going to turn on the computer to do a letter. And I never got to do that. As soon as I touched the computer, boom, and I actually thought it was a bomb. And to leave out graphic details, you know, all of a sudden, due to the impact of the plane, we were blown away from the location we were at and covered under four floors of debris, walls, office equipment, et cetera.

Incidentally, Marrs is a classic conspiracist nutcase; one of his previous books is a source for Oliver Stone's JFK, and he's got another book on "The Aliens Among Us". I'd guess he was a regular on Art Bell's paranoid show.

Update: April responds in the comments. I have posted her comments here along with a response. Let me just say briefly that we were not attacking her at all with this post, but Jim Marrs and Loose Change.


At 30 June, 2006 09:34, Blogger dylan avery said...

mrs. gallop,
this is dylan avery, director of loose change, the movie this website is constantly attacking, and features your words as reported by mr. marrs.
i have had the pleasure of running into both mr. marrs, and a woman by the name of barbara honegger, who claims to be a close friend of yours.
regardless of what you saw or experienced, I would like to hear in your own words what you experienced on that morning.
please take note I have nothing but respect for you and your son, and what both of you had to endure,
my e-mail is

At 26 June, 2008 09:06, Blogger David Webb said...


What about the brainwashing comment? That is pretty strange.

At 22 December, 2008 12:50, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This website is full of the same S*** that the government is made of. People who saw the immediate pictures of the pentagon know that that airliner never hit. Sue those sleezeballs Apriland help get the truth out

At 11 September, 2009 21:08, Blogger kim_n_gang said...

How can Ms Gallop claim no plane hit the Pentagon? (1) The parking lot security cams clearly show the plane hitting the building at over 500 mph.. basically a blur, but a plane nonetheless, (2) eyewitnesses WATCHED WITH THEIR OWN EYES as the plane flew LOW over their vehicles and into the Pentagon, and (3) passengers on the plane were reporting "live, in real time" what was taking place, that they were hijacked, moved to the back of the plane, and some were still talking on phones as they approached the Pentagon -- so tell me -- WHERE did this plane, full of passengers, GO if it didn't hit the Pentagon? Were all those passenger's deaths faked? Were their funerals fake as well?
I'm also irked that SO many conspiracy sites claim April is a "career army officer". That's quite a promotion from SPC. Working at the Pentagon does not indicate that someone is "special" or significant in the army. It is not considered a desirable place to be stationed by ANY branch. Lastly, as per April's claim that the hole left in the wall was too small to be that of an airliner. As a SPC in the army - I ask April to PLEASE describe the hole left in a target when she's been at the range to shoot. At high speed, a bullet makes a CLEAN break through it's target. This airliner was basically a missile, and would not leave a hole any larger than the circumference of the fuselage, and the wings would have been sheared off at impact - meaning an instantaneous explosion from the fuel in the wings - WHICH - would have ignited out the sides and back of the wings, spraying fuel and igniting distant areas. Brainwashed is RIGHT. >:o\

At 20 September, 2009 17:41, Blogger Bunny Morris said...

Bravo, Ms. Gallop for your honest witness about the 9/11/01 crime and also for your brave self-defense against disparagement from this "Screw Loose" website! God bless you and your son!

At 07 January, 2011 00:08, Blogger Unknown said...

awesome that you responded to put this right April! you are a hero for standing up and being counted... god bless you!

@kim_n_gang... i don't think i can believe that the wings were sheared off at impact... heck, the windows weren't even broken around the area where the wings would have struck the building! balderdash!

At 28 March, 2011 06:03, Blogger Jean said...

It can be very difficult to get people to see the validity in someone else's position without seeing it as an attack on themselves. - B. Dave Walters

She does not say how she knows it was not a plane, nor does she give supporting evidence for it being a bomb - and, who set the bomb?

I do think she is right on illegal immigration.

At 01 April, 2011 11:36, Blogger Unknown said...

First of all, I agree that this article is intentionally deceptive and an attempt to slander April.. when I read it, at first I thought that April had said that the "smell of jet fuel" reminds her of the event.. but then I realized that this comment was made by the author of the article and was merely editorial speculation and a manipulation of the truth! April has stated quite clearly that SHE DID NOT smell any jet fuel!! By you repeating slanderous falsehoods such as this one you are proving that you are willing to propagandize the manipulative efforts of a mainstream newspaper in order to further distort the TRUTH and this IS an attack on April's character and credibility and for this you should be ashamed of yourselves!!

Secondly, there's a big difference between plane wings "shearing off" and vanishing into thin air never to be found again..

Anyone that still believes the official story despite the continuously mounting evidence proving it false and scientifically untenable is, for one reason or another, simply emotionally blocking out the reality of what happened that day..

April.. if you're reading this.. please know that you're a hero to us all!!

I also want to make sure that you're aware of the evidence that has come to light via a freedom of information action against the U.S.G.S. who initially concealed from the public the fact that they had documented the discovery of a spherule of molybdenum in the rubble. The spherical shape of this molybdenum proves that it had previously reached it's molten state. Molybdenum is an element that needs to be brought to at least 4750ºF in order to melt!! This molybdenum spherule is hard scientific evidence that chemical incendiaries and/or thermal accelerants HAD to have been present in the towers!! Otherwise these kind of temperatures could not possibly have been reached!!

At 02 April, 2011 13:32, Blogger AnthonyR said...

For Kim Gang, you say the video clearly shows a plane than you say it is basically a blur. Which is it? Also, this blog isn't going after the money. The day before 911, yes 910 - Rumsfeld announces to the press - including Dan Rather - that the DOD accounting office can't find account for a missing $2.3 TRILLION US. Guess which office was hit the next day? Yes, the accounting office. Do you see the picture or do you like so many sheeple believe in multiple coincidences? Like the military having muliple military exercises on 911 - one of which took nearly every fighter jet away from the east coast to go to Alaska for games. Yes, they took almost every jet assigned to protect the economic epicenter of the US and maybe the world (wall street, the Federal Reserve) and the military and governmental center (Pentagon, White House, Captial Building) to go to Alaska while there are numerous military airfields in California and North Dakota, etc. If you don't see the connection - then you are either blind or just plain - well, I will end that one here. And we won't even go into the towers falling from heat which puts the laws of physics to sleep for that day not to mention the fact that steel conducts heat and the whole building was a 110 story heat sink.

At 02 April, 2011 13:38, Blogger AnthonyR said...

Mr Gang says that the video clearly show a plane while he also says it was basically a blur. Which is it? How about the $2.3 Trillion missing from the DOD accounting office (announced the day before 911 by Rumsfeld) and guess which office was hit on 911?
What about the timeline on the video being 912? What about our intelligence being insulted by the media telling us that the video is from one of 3 cameras in the Pentagon parking lot while the whole facade was ringed with cameras only a few feet apart and pinting down? What about the entire building being a 110 story heat sink (steel conducts heat-entire steel structure interonnected) yet it falls due to heat from a kerosene fire? What about William Rodriguez? Please, I can debate these knuckleheads anyday of the week and only if you put aside, the laws of physics, metallurgy, eyewitness accounts including Rodriguez and firemen and Then put away common sense - can you believe in the official conspiracy fairy tale.

At 04 April, 2011 16:28, Blogger Unknown said...

Good luck for tomorrow - there are a lot of people who wish they could be there to support you. I'm in the UK - I do hope many in the US will turn out in your support and not all just all the faux truthers who are making this more and more difficult for your average westerner to get their heads around. And if this gets chucked out you have to keep going. You are a brave lady, I salute you!

At 05 April, 2011 22:50, Blogger AirforceVeteran2000 said...

First, I thank April for serving her country. But now I have to ask a few hard questions. 1. How many bombs have you ever heard explode? 2. How many Aircraft crashes/after bomb assements have you completed? 3. As a specialist I am gonna take a stab in the dark and say you were on your first maybe 2nd enlistment, so just how familiar were you with how drills differ from real world events? I myself am quite familiar with all off these things. I can tell you now I have never seen a bomb that looks or sounds like anything in any film I have ever seen. Aircraft that have crashed may leave a debris field 2 miles long or sometimes u have to actually dig to get to the debris because it buries in. I have even seen the remains of a C-5 after it crashed, a plane the size of a modest house and the biggest and only identifiable part left was a wheel. As a survivor of the Khobar towers bombing I can also testify that under the extreme duress that comes with surviving and the subsequent triage and evacution it is improbable that you would be stopping to take in details when you were doing your best to survive. I also know that drills are nevere the same as real world. You can drill and the alarms always work, just like the firefighting equipment always works, the backup generators etc. But a "real world" incident usually happens with little to no warning. Equipment that should work is damaged or hasn't been preped so it fails.

Next is for Anthony R, who said that most fighter on the east coast were away in Alaska on 9/11. I'm not sure what paranoid state your living in but I do know that there were 7 squadrons that I know of personally that were operating along the eastern U.S. on the day in question. Thats alot of fighters since according to you nearly all of them were in Alaska.

At 06 April, 2011 09:08, Blogger Unknown said...

You are really good to see anything in this footage... all I can see is a blur.
What they show of the Pentagon attack is ridiculous.No more footage than that, in place like Pentagon?
They are trying to tell us the king's clothes are splendid indeed.

At 06 April, 2011 10:45, Blogger Unknown said...

All I see on this ite is a bunch of words thrown together - meaningless, baseless and non-factual in nature; they do nothing to refute even the most basic facts that the "conspiracists" present... this from a website that claims to be debunking the theorists? Why doesn't the government release the 80+ vids that did capture more than an unidentifiable blur in a couple of useless frames? This is evidence... produce it and let uas stop the theorizing... oh and while you're at it what about the 45 other salient points that are never addressed in public regarding inconsistencies at all three 9/11 sites????

At 06 April, 2011 10:46, Blogger Unknown said...

I'd be amazed if you actually post my comment - so much easier to debunk theories if they never see the light of day, huh?

At 07 April, 2011 15:45, Blogger Pat said...

John there are not 80+ videos that show the Pentagon, that's a misreading of the response Judicial Watch got when they requested any videos relating to *any* aspect of 9-11, including many videos of the World Trade Center.

At 12 April, 2011 20:03, Blogger Unknown said...

I'm curious... if Miss Gallop now contends that AA77 did NOT impact the Pentagon, will she be returning the compensation received from a lawsuit she filed against American Airlines? No I didn't think so. I guess some people (crooks) like to abuse the system when possible Unfortunately for Miss Gallop, it would appear that in her current law suit, it is her that is being taken for the proverbial ride. What goes around comes around I suppose.

At 13 April, 2011 09:25, Blogger Unknown said...

...also of interest to some I'm sure; after having read through Miss Gallop's appeal brief, footnote 15 on pages 37-38 allude to the fact that Miss Gallop (her attourneys inluded) views a number of other law suits brought by 9/11 'truthers' as 'wacky' and filed by 'nutjobs'. Just thought this might be interesting to those that consider her one of the bastions of 9/11 truth.

At 16 April, 2011 12:32, Blogger Unknown said...

The truth became all that much more apparent when Bush's first cousin got assigned to preside over this case. I mean.. hello? does anyone that still believes the official story ever really think or do you just prefer to believe whatever you're told by Bush & company??? ...ugh.

p.s. @Kim n gang.. that's a lot of words to use to affectively say nothing. Planes may get mangled to the point of being hard to identify, but they don't just vaporize on impact.


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