Thursday, June 01, 2006

Dylan Lies Again

I know, I know, tell you when he says something truthful; it would certainly save a lot of time. Here's another Dylan interview (MP3 file).

When asked what was the most egregious and obvious piece of evidence of fraud in the official 9-11 theory, he cites the collapse of WTC 7. But as usual he can't go ten seconds without lying (at about 6:58):

"I mean, One Liberty Plaza was right underneath the South Tower, and that building just basically stood, standing, virtually intact, I mean granted there was some damage from the collapse but I mean the building itself didn't fall."

That's pretty easy to check. Dylan's obviously implying that One Liberty Plaza was closer ("right underneath") to the South Tower than WTC 7 was to the North Tower. But that's just plain wrong as this site plan shows.

(Click to expand photo)

You can eyeball that one, or put a ruler up against the screen. It's not hard to see that One Liberty Plaza was quite a bit farther from WTC 2 (the South Tower) than WTC 7 was from WTC 1 (the North Tower). Here I drew lines between the buildings, rotated the line between WTC 2 and One Liberty Tower 90 degrees counter-clockwise, and compared them:

Hat Tip: Gravy at the JREF forums (who does half our work for us). That link has lots more of the goofy stuff Dylan says in the interview, like:

Daniel Ott: "Do you think you're on some kind of list now?"

Dylan: "I would imagine so. I can still fly safely, so I'm not on the no-fly list, but I'd like to imagine that I'm on some list somewhere."

Update: My bad on the photo below, which I said was One Liberty Plaza:

In fact it's the Deutsche Bank Building.

Hat Tip: JREF Forums


At 01 June, 2006 12:27, Blogger Jujigatami said...

Just 2 quick points to add.

Liberty Plaza was severly damaged on 9/11. Many people thought it was going to fall or have to be demolished because of the amount of damage to the structure. It was making creaking and popping noises and had to be structurally reinforced. This was reported on the news on 9/11-12. And don't forget the amount of damage to the DeutscheBank building.

Liberty Plaza, in addition to being further away from the towers than WTC7, is also UPHILL from the site. Now, its not a huge hill, but it is a hill that has a maybe 10-20 (maybe more) foot elevation from the base of tower 2. Its a pretty decent rise from the west side highway to Broadway. Does that matter? I don't know, but it would make sense to me that a building further away from the collapse and uphill from the debris field would get less of an impact than a building closer to and downhill from the falling debris.

At 01 June, 2006 16:17, Blogger Alex said...

"I would imagine so. I can still fly safely, so I'm not on the no-fly list, but I'd like to imagine that I'm on some list somewhere."

Looks like he gave away his real motivation. He LIKES to imagine that he's on "some list somewhere". It makes him feel important.

At 01 June, 2006 19:04, Blogger Chad said...

It was just pointed out over at JREF that the pic you have here is of the Deutsch Bank, not One Liberty Plaza.

Just a heads up.

At 02 June, 2006 10:46, Blogger Chad said...

That link has a photo of OLP after the attacks. The website itself doesn't mention any structural damage, mostly just cosmetic (windows, dust, etc.).

But I think the bigger issue is Dylan's characterization of it being "right under" the south tower. Either the kid's depth perception is way off or he's trying to mislead people who may not be familiar with the area around Ground Zero.

I have a hunch as to which is more likely.


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