Friday, June 02, 2006

Three Loosers Walk Into a Bar...

I was watching the new preview footage just cracking up, and I was especially enjoying the footage of Dylan Avery American Gigolo picking up chicks in a bar. This little exchange is worthy of going on record:

Have you noticed any difference in reception in conservative places like Arizona vs...

You know you would be surprised. I mean... a lot of... it is a very overwhelmingly positive response rate. I mean, you get like 97-98% of the people who watch it who are like wow, there are some serious questions. Not everybody agrees with it 100%, but you know, a lot of people walk away at least understanding one thing, like OK, that's messed up.

Yeah, I thought the movie raised a lot of serious questions, most of them dealing with the state of our mental health system. And if their response is so "very overwhelmingly" positive, then why do they have to ban the 2-3% who disagree with them from their forum, and eliminate comments entirely from their blog?

And could he please go like, one sentence without, like, saying "like"? He sounds like my 16 year old cousin.


At 02 June, 2006 21:06, Blogger Pat said...

I love the bit with his glasses on top of his head--did anybody ever tell him that's cool-looking only with sunglasses? I expect to see him with an ascot and a beret by next year.

The bar sequence is in Tempe, not sure of the place. He screws up when he says the showing is going to be in Tempe; Harkins Shea 14 is in Scottsdale, probably about 10 miles away from ASU.

The Air America show shown (Fred McChesney) is a local Phoenix weekend show (in other words, zero ratings), and McChesney's a CT fruitcake who can go on for hours at a time about the JFK assassination. I actually like listening to him for about ten minutes at a time because he's completely off the wall.

At 03 June, 2006 09:46, Blogger shawn said...

Dylan Avery is "everyman," the ordinary mortal, a literary device thats been around since the middle ages.

He's my age...and not he's not an everyman. And believe me, he's not smart enough to know what a "literary device" is.

He's out-thinking you folks if you can't see that the appeal of Loose Change is rooted in a quest for truth about 9/11 by people who are ordinary, just like people you know.

So he's trying to find the truth of an event we already know the truth about? Wow, that's real deep. Poetic almost.

I had an argument last night with a friend over Loose Change and I kept shooting all the points the movie made down and you know what my friend said, "No, no, I'm glad you're doing this. We need more people who can explain this stuff to ordinary folks."

At 03 June, 2006 10:50, Blogger shawn said...

Our media and government have treated us with such contempt; thats what the official version is: contempt for the American people.

Assuming people aren't idiots is contempt? Last I checked it's the opposite.

It is a ludicrous story that the most successful, sophisticated terrorist attack in the history of the world was carried out on a shoestring under the supervision of somebody in the caves of Afghanistan.

It actually wasn't successful as planned. They expected (and I expected) tens of thousands of deaths. They also planned on either wiping out the Capitol or the White House, which would've been totally catastrophic.

Now, to your particular point about Dylan Avery. Have you ever heard him talk about how it all started, that he was working on writing a script?

I'm aware.

Dylan Avery is a writer

And a poor one. I'm a writer, too. That doesn't atuomatically make me know everything about literary history (although I do know quite a bit).

I am sure he understands the "Everyman" concept.

Like I said, I doubt he does. The narration in Loose Change could've been written by a ten year old. "Check this out"..."it gets better" (which he says several times)...those aren't how an adult writer writes.

Its really just an age bias to deny that Dylan Avery is one of the most influential Americans of our time.

Except most people don't even know his name. Oh, and influence isn't always a good thing. Michael Moore is influential. When you peddle bullshit, influence is a BAD thing. It's why nearly fifty percent of Americans question evolution. It's why we even have this stupid ID/evolution debate. It's why morons continue to think there was a shooter in the grassy knoll.

At 03 June, 2006 11:42, Blogger Chad said...

Its really just an age bias to deny that Dylan Avery is one of the most influential Americans of our time.

.... I just threw up a little in my mouth.

At 03 June, 2006 16:16, Blogger Alex said...

can't something be done about this spamming fuck?


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