Friday, June 02, 2006

A Whole New Level of Moonbat

The last episode was amusing, this part of the preview is just ridiculous. When we next meet our intrepid filmmakers they are interviewing a woman name Leuren Morey, who on the basis of a bachelor's degree in geology is an expert on intelligence, weapons systems and national defense. This is so screaming out for a Fisking I can't take it.

No, I did not alter this screencapture

I knew a plane had not crashed at the Pentagon, but I hadn’t really looked close at the photographs and when I looked at the entrance hole, and the exit hole for the object which hit the pentagon, it is basically a 16 foot bullet hole through that building. And it had to be a kinetic energy penetrator to penetrate all those walls of solid cement that had just been fortified.

So the Pentagon was hit by a 16 foot bullet? First of all, the entrance hole was 90 feet wide, and the exit hole was 12 feet, before being widened to help in the recovery efforts. And do you have any idea how much "kinetic energy" is involved in a 100 ton plane traveling at 500MPH? Why don't you ask a real scientist?

Also it was in the section that was naval intelligence, that part of the Pentagon, and that made me immediately suspicious.

Oh, well of course, that is the first thing I thought of.

And why would that make you suspicious, was it the drill they were running, Amalgam Virgo that later came out? Or was it something else?

Well, I didn’t know about the wargames that they had been conducting in the Pentagon, but anytime naval intelligence is involved (laughter) you had better investigate, and that is because the Navy is the top military in the world.

They are? Does the Army know about this? They seem to think they are pretty good too.

And if the Navy is so damn good, why exactly are they calling in airstrikes on themselves?

They have an awful lot to do with our top politicians and who becomes President, and so forth and so on, and what decisions the President makes.

I guess this would explain the recent successful presidential campaign of LtJG John F. Kerry, US Navy...

So you would say that only in the backdrop is the Navy a more prominent intelligence agency than is believed?

Oh the Navy is the top intelligence in the world.

Huh? Could someone explain that sentence to me. That is not a misprint, that is what she said. I listened to it three times.

Over the NSA and the CIA?

All of them.



Yeah, OK. More people work in the NSA cafeteria than in Naval Intelligence as a whole, but whatever you say Mrs. Geology Intelligence Expert...

Are there any other comments about 9/11 that you would like to make about government involvement or anything…

Well there is absolutely no doubt at all that the government was involved in it. And I thought that a Russian general, who was in charge of all Russian military defense at the time of 9/11 came out recently, he said, “it’s impossible, absolutely impossible for 19 kamikaze Arabs to carry off a terrorist event like that". He said, "that took years to plan, and the United States is so well guarded that it would be impossible to do that".

Well if you can't believe the Russians, who can you trust? I bet he thinks it is impossible for a couple of hundred Muslims to completely decimate a tank division too.

The US is so well guarded after all. It is not like you can just walk over the border or anything...

Would you say that the Pentagon airspace is the most heavily armed airspace in the world?



And groundspace. They have underground rockets. They have them on the rooftops. It’s impossible

Uhh.. Not to get technical, but I don't think "groundspace" is an actual word. And what exactly is the purpose of an underground rocket? Are they worried about really vicious gophers?


At 03 June, 2006 09:43, Blogger shawn said...

Give it up, fellows. This is a losing argument for you, finding individual people who say something some where or write a post on a forum and ridiculing them.

Translation: please stop exposing us for not using logical and rational thought.

That woman lost when she said she knew it wasn't a plane. Skeptics don't say that. They are neutral and then say "prove to me it was a plane". (PS for you nuts, it was proven to be a plane beyond any reasonable doubt.)

At 03 June, 2006 13:13, Blogger Billy said...

Har har har, proven to be a plane beyond reasonable doubt?

Sure...........and why didn't you link your proof?

I hope it's not a link to this blog, it's full of more speculation and strawmen than you could EVER claim loosechange was filled with.

Oh, you don't know what a strawman is?

Guess that's why you actually believe some of the stuff on this blog.

At 03 June, 2006 14:23, Blogger shawn said...

Oh, you don't know what a strawman is?

Billy, did you read ANY of the comments on this blog? I understand logical fallacies better than anyone. I'm the one who points them out whenever you idiots use one like this:

I hope it's not a link to this blog, it's full of more speculation and strawmen than you could EVER claim loosechange was filled with.

Your statement is a strawman itself.

Why should I have to link anything? There's pictures of the motherfucking plane pieces on the lawn of the Pentagon. There are hundreds of eyewitnesses, not ONE who saw a missle. There's a plane that just vanished into thin air?

Ignoring evidence isn't a logical fallacy, but you still have a long way to go before you start using logic.

At 03 June, 2006 14:27, Blogger shawn said...

And an explanation of your strawman (since you don't understand the term):

A strawman is misrepresenting your opponent's argument as weaker than it is and then defeating that weakened argument. Of course, as this blog posts the exact statements and claims of the Loosers and/or Truthers, they are not creating strawmen. Not only do they quote the source, they then link to the full source so you can see exactly what was said. Ergo, your statement that the cite contains myriad strawmen is in fact a strawman argument.

At 03 June, 2006 14:27, Blogger shawn said...


At 03 June, 2006 15:21, Blogger shawn said...

We saw it the first time, dumbass.

At 03 June, 2006 18:11, Blogger shawn said...

Anyone notice Dylan mispronounces McNamara's name? I have never heard it said the way he says it.

At 03 June, 2006 23:05, Blogger James B. said...

This is a losing argument for you, finding individual people who say something some where or write a post on a forum and ridiculing them.

I didn't just "find this somewhere", this is a video put out by the Loose Change guys. If they can't stand by the validity of their own work, then why are they promoting it?


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