Saturday, April 28, 2007

More on Kevin "Bounty Hunter" Barrett

I have been shaking my head reading the comments over at 911 Blogger. My favorite was the guy who feared that Barrett might have his exit visa revoked by the US government. Huh? I have travelled abroad maybe a dozen times in my life, and I have never needed an exit visa. Where do you even apply for those?

Anyway, the conspiracy theorists of course fail to notice even a single problem with any of their theories, so I thought I would point everyone to this excellent series of articles done by 911 Myths on the subject, where they point out the fact that the photo where the airline pilot Walid Al-Shehri matches the photo used by CNN, but does not match the photo used by the FBI, in fact CNN manages to get the name wrong too.

The CNN broadcast which caused the confusion. They get the right Waleed, but the wrong Wail.

The airline pilot Waleed, who CNN misidentifies as Wail. This is the guy who Barrett is apparently going to interview.

The hijacker and Saudi citizen, Waleed, as identified by the FBI.
This guy is clearly not the airline pilot, although I suppose Barrett will probably overcome this difficulty by ignoring the FBI photograph and go with the incorrectly identified CNN one.
Now I have to commend a member of the 9/11 "truth" movement for finally doing something beyond watching blurry YouTube videos, but that still does not excuse bogus investigations. Barrett cannot even bother to get the most basic facts right. He says the Saudi Waleed that the FBI identified could not have been part of the plot because he didn't speak English well. But the real Waleed was not a pilot, the pilot for AA11 was Mohammed Atta. Waleed was just the "muscle". How much English do you have to speak to stab a flight attendent in the neck?

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