Monday, May 28, 2007

Alex Jones Claims Charlie Still A Truther, May Do Loose Change FC

This may just be an attempt to put a happy face on the apparent inability to come to some sort of agreement on financial terms, but Jones claims that Sheen has final approval:

In contributing to this article, Alex made it clear that Loose Change is still a work in progress and is being carefully edited, vetted and fact checked, with new interviews and information being added all the time. The film is by no means complete and the understanding all along was that Sheen would only make a decision on whether to narrate the documentary after he had had a chance to watch the final version.

Nice to know they've got an adult like Sheen exercising final creative control. ;) And you've gotta wonder if Dylan's really going to hit his week before 9-11-07 target date for opening if he's still at the point where he's adding new material.

Jones tries to blast the Post for reporting Sheen's narration as a done deal. I don't recall if the Loosers have ever claimed that Charlie's on board or not, but they've certainly done nothing to discourage that speculation.

Update: More supposedly from Sheen himself:

My views and convictions regarding the events of 9/11 have not wavered. I still firmly believe the citizens of this great country, especially the family members of those tragically lost, deserve a much more accurate and thorough investigation surrounding the horrific events.

The suspicious fact that certain relevant testimonies were not included in the Keen Commission's final report, discredits the majority of their findings. A bi-partisan, democratically selected panel needs to be established that would include (but not limited to), victim family members, firefighters, rescue workers as well as key eye witnesses to the various crime scenes. Not some tepid rehash of Bush-serving lap-dogs cherry picking evidence to support erroneous and fictional "Magic Bullet" explanations.

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