Saturday, May 05, 2007

Bermas on the Virgin Atlantic Deal

Since I discovered the downloads on Usenet I no longer feel compelled to listen to Bermas and Avery (when he wakes up) on their radio show, especially since the Usenet versions have the commercials clipped.

Bermas gripes about the Virgin Atlantic deal going south; there is none of the Dylan Avery "they signed a contract, man," bravado.

"We kept this on the down low, because every time we seem to say anything, basically what happens is there's a preemptive strike against us; it's kind of like we're supposed to be in the Parliament, the UK, and a lot of negative press got out there and Michael Meacher decided against it because we didn't keep it quiet enough and we put it out there too much. We shouldn't have a problem with putting it out there, but then you have dogs like Michelle Malkin, Michael Savage on the radio, telling all their listeners to call up Virgin Airlines and that we're Nazi propagandists and blahblahblah."

Nobody says you're Nazi propagandists. You are the equivalent of them.

Most of the show this week is tedious, with Bermas simply reading over the air some posts by Paul Watson and other fruitcakes, and even there, he stumbles over words like "internecine".

Bermas gets into the North American Union nuttery, one of those conspiracy theories that seems to be popular among elements of the Right these days. At one point both Bermas and Avery give their opinion that the Republicans are coming down to McCain and Giuliani, while the Democrats will have Clinton or Obama, which I assume means they read my post a week or two ago laughing at them for claiming that Ron Paul was going to get 35% in the primaries unless Kucinich caught on with 9-11 Truthers.

Bermas does have one bit of good (for him) news; he will be moving to a nighttime slot two evenings a week. He can't even fill two hours and now they're bumping him up to four?

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